Reformative Medicine™

“A Primary Care and Wellness Experience”

What is it?

Healthy Body + Healthy Mind

We start with our state-of-the-art, nutritional genetic testing. Our genetic test is set apart from all others in that the data is backed by scientific study and proven relevance, ultimately creating a clinically meaningful roadmap for our patients to unlock the keys to successful health and well-being. Genetics plays a crucial role in how you are made. We utilize this report to develop an epigenetic plan to optimize your genetic potential. The second component of the triangle is Gut Mapping. Our GI Map is a PCR test that analyzes your gut health from a cellular level. This test helps identify the overall strength of your immune system and the health of your body as you interact with your environment. Through our innovative gut-mapp formulations, we can optimize the body’s ability to truly absorb the nutrients we take in and eliminate toxins to our maximum capacity within the changes we are implementing to support our mind-body connection. The last element of the triangle is a comprehensive metabolic lab panel that assesses the communication pathways throughout all body systems. Unlike “screening” blood work panels, this analysis gives insight into the state of your endocrine balance including adrenal and sex hormone balance, inflammation markers, thyroid levels, cardiac health, liver and kidney function, vitamin levels, and much more!

Gut Mapping

This test is used to generate an in-depth report of the entire gut at the cellular level. This test assesses the DNA of organisms living in the gut and provides insight into the unique microbiome of the patient.

DNA Mapping

Nutrigenomic testing is performed to create wellness plans that are customized to each individual based on their unique DNA.

Metabolic Mapping

a comprehensive blood work analysis that assesses overall health and wellness panels

Why is this important?

Relevant • Pertinent • Individualized

We believe that when a person understands their results as relevant, pertinent, and individualized, only then can changes be made that are truly long-lasting. With so much information in the world today on health and wellness, how can you possibly know what’s the “right thing for you right now”? The answer is discovered in our NuWell diagnostic triangle where we look at your personalized nutritional genetic analysis and create a foundational plan based on your results.

Our Process

How we use it on our patients


Initial Consult

The initial consult is an important step in getting the care you need from Sowell Medicine. It is a chance for you to learn more about your health and to develop a plan for your care.


NuWell™ Diagnostic Workup

The Nuwell™ Diagnostic workup is a cutting-edge diagnostic workup that offers comprehensive assessment and analysis of a patient's health. Utilizing advanced technology and innovative methodologies, it provides a detailed evaluation of the patient's current state of health. By combining a range of diagnostic tests and data-driven analysis, Nuwell™ Diagnostic workup empowers healthcare professionals with valuable insights to make informed decisions and develop personalized treatment plans for their patients.

Review Test Results

We will review your test results and discuss them with you. They will help you understand what the results mean and how they relate to your overall health and fitness.

Online Experience

Not ready to come see us but want options for a first step? Take a look at our online experience.”